Lord Of The Rings Tour

Day trip from Dunedin to magical Bonspiel Station (Please note: Because Bonspiel is a long way from Dunedin, this tour is not suitable as a Cruise Ship shore excursion - ask us about a new Hobbit Tour instead) - In 2002 Peter Jackson filmed several scenes for the epic triology "Lord of The Rings" at Sue and Keith Falconer's remote farm. The scenes are from the second movie "The Two Towers" and fans will certainly recognise the rugged, supernatural landscape as a key feature of the story.  The stony tors and outcrops are amazing but the poolburn dam is a standout feature of this tour. This is where the Rohan village of Rohirrim was created. To find such stark beauty in  this remote and lonely place is definitley worth the trip into the Central Otago interior.  Many fans recreate their favourite scenes where the actors stood amongst this incredible landscape.

This tour is a must for LOTR fans and anyone who is interested in this unique landscape.

The Tour leaves from Dunedin at 9am and heads through to Bonspiel Station via Middlemarch (where we break for a rest and cup of tea). We have lunch at the Ida Valley Kitchen in Oturehua around 12 noon. After lunch we head to Bonspiel Station and spend about 2 hours exploring the LOTR scene sites. We leave the area about 4pm and head back to Dunedin, arriving back around 6.30- 7.00pm.

Tour includes driver/guide, transport, lunch and access to Bonspiel Station. 

Price: 4 to 6 people NZ$295 p.p.

         7 to 11 people NZ$250 p.p.

 Re-enact these famous scenes:

1. After remaining with the Fellowship until its breaking at Amon Hen, Pippin was captured along with Merry by an Orc-band, which included some of Saruman's Uruk-hai. While held captive by the Orcs, he purposefully dropped his elven brooch (a gift from Lórien) as a sign for Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli, who were in pursuit

2. Aragorn listening to a large rock for clues where Merry and Pippin may have been taken by Orcs

3. Gimli rose and planted his feet firmly apart: his hand gripped the handle of his axe, and his dark eyes flashed. 'Give me your name, horse-master, and I will give you mine, and more besides,' he said.

'As for that,' said the Rider, staring down at the Dwarf, 'the stranger should declare himself first. yet I am named Éomer son of Éomund, and am called the Third Marshal of Riddermark.'

'Then Éomer son of Éomund, Third Marshal of Riddermark, let Gimli the Dwarf Gloin's son warn you against foolish words. You speak evil of that which is fair beyond the reach of your thought, and only little wit can excuse you.'

Éomer's eyes blazed, and the Men of Rohan murmured angrily, and closed in, advancing their spears. 'I would cut off your head, beard and all, Master Dwarf, if it stood but a little higher from the ground,' said Éomer.

'He stands not alone,' said Legolas, bending his bow and fitting an arrow with hands that moved quicker than sight. 'You would die before your stroke fell.'




Lunch by the Poolburn Dam

Dunedin to Queenstown Via Bonspiel Station

If you are planning on travelling from Dunedin to Queenstown as part of your quest to seek out LOTR filming sites why not let us take you?

Pick up in Dunedin at you accommodation, transport to Bonspiel (lunch at Oturehua on the way), visit all the filming sites at Bonspiel, then transport on to Queenstown. Stop and taste wine on the way!

NZ$375 p.p. (2015-2016 rates) Minimum booking - 2 people